Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Festival founder

“Wasn’t it wonderful when we finally made our peace with Europe nearly 50 years ago? Let’s move heaven and earth to keep it that way! I would strongly encourage everyone to enter this Competition to share their own feelings about Europe – and best of luck to everyone who takes part”.

Michael Eavis, Pilton, Somerset

Vanessa Kisuule

Now more than ever, we are having to reckon with the question of what it means to belong to the UK, to Europe, to the world. These concerns are as poetic as they are political, which is why I am truly excited to hear from young poets for this timely competition. I want to see poems from a broad spectrum of voices, backgrounds and opinions, and most of all I want to see bold and beautiful writing’.

Vanessa Kisuule, Bristol’s City Poet 2018 – 2020 (Vanessa is the Judge in our Young Person’s category)

Rt Hon Dominic Grieve

‘I am delighted that this poetry competition is taking place. Poetry is an excellent medium for the expression of feelings and emotions. Both of these are certainly present at the moment as regards Europe! I wish all the competitors well’.

Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP

Dame Marina Warner

‘Poetry does make things happen!  Words have power! Imagination shapes ideas and values!  This competition is a strong and marvellous and hopeful venture, and every entry will help make a difference’.

Dame Marina Warner, President Royal Society of Literature